Pop Girl, Tallia Storm's debut novel, is a fictional tale based on the young singer's own experiences. It follows heroine Storm Hall as she sets out to make a name in music, with the pitfalls and triumphs of being a teenager adding to the mix of excitement.

With an amazing story to tell, Pop Girl captures Tallia's unforgettable voice and perspective

Fourteen-year-old Storm lives to sing. Forget parties. Forget boys. When Storm is told she is going to miss a national competition, to go on a 'once-in-a-lifetime' holiday to Hawaii, her life is OVER. What could be worse than having to give up singing and visit an island paradise? What if her (former) best friend is taking her place?

A family trip to Hawaii is just the beginning. While on holiday Storm meets a local band who need a singer last minute to record their demo. They've got a big break and Storm steps up to the mic and her voice does the rest. When the song is on local radio the next day all of her dreams are coming true...until the band introduce their singer on air. It's NOT her. There's a storm coming.

An exciting debut book with an inspiring story, Tallia has an authentic and down to earth teenage voice as well as first hand experience from the world of music and the drama that comes from it. Pop Girl is perfect for readers of 12 years and older.

Published by Scholastic - available at book stores and Amazon